christina johannsen CJILLUSTRATIONSchristina johannsen CJ ILLUSTRATIONS

I have always been a creative person. From a very young age I started acting, drawing, painting, making jewelleries and cards. Basically, anything you could create.

Later on, I have used drawing and painting as a form of relaxing and unwinding.

The idea to creative childrenĀ“s illustrations as wall art came when I was working in a nursery. The children really appreciated the drawings I did for them and it became an inspiration for learning new words and telling stories. My boyfriend was the one to give me that extra push to go through with selling them <3

Some of the children illustrations on my site is inspired by the many travels I have been on. From crocodiles and pink river dolphins in the Amazonas to sea turtles and stingrays in the Philippines and Australia.

Others of my illustrations are inspired by stories and songs.

You can use your illustrations as inspiration for making up bedtime stories or learning animal names.

Good luck!